How To Find Amazing Art In Sonoma County

Sonoma County is rich with amazing art. We have everything from fine sculptures to paintings depicting the stunning vineyards of wine country. We are so overwhelmed by art that you can practically find it on every street corner. Well, maybe not that extreme but pretty close! I have put together a collection of websites that will direct you to some of the most prominent places to explore Sonoma County art.

Sonoma County Art Trails

Sonoma County Art Trails is a guide both in print and online that is put together to guide you through local galleries and to amazing artists. It is a fantastic way for local artists to be discovered and for art appreciators to find them. This is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for amazing art.

Sonoma County Gazette Online

The Gazette recently wrote an article pointing out upcoming art shows and some art classes as well. This is a fantastic way to explore your creativity and let your mind wander as you create something wonderful that you can enjoy for years to come. I would recommend this article for anyone who loves local art shows or wants to explore their own artistic side.

Sonoma County California Website

Sonoma County website has a great combination of film festivals, performing arts centers, and art galleries that are worth visiting multiple times. This is a good way to find some new ways to experience the art available in Sonoma County.

Press Democrat Online

The Press Democrat has just recently posted a list of ten art galleries you must visit here in Sonoma County. I haven’t been to all of them yet but I am getting the feeling that the Press Democrat knows what they are talking about! These are delightful art galleries and definitely worth exploring.

Satri Pencak Website

This website has a list of local museums that are here in Sonoma County. This is a good way to find something artistic to do that you maybe haven’t done before or in a while. Museums hold not only art but often history as well!

Prime Buyers Report Online

I hesitate to add this last one because I hate being pressured to buy anything. However, this is such a wonderful list of places where art is available for purchase that I decided to include it for any collectors out there that may run across this blog.

For more information on local art take a look at these websites or post your links to great art resources in the comments below. Thanks a lot!

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