Marketing Your Home To Sell

If you are considering selling your home then the most important question you are going to have for me is “what do you plan to do to market my home?” This is a very important question because you want an agent who is going to give your home the time and attention that it deserves. I like to set up a custom marketing plan for every property I list based on its specific needs however there are a few things that every home will have because I feel that they are necessary for today’s real estate market.


Social Media Marketing

According to a top-ranking statistics site, the number of Facebook users has surpassed one and a half billion active users, Twitter has three hundred and twenty million, Instagram has four hundred million and YouTube has over a billion which comes out to a 50% increase in the last year alone. These statistics are staggering! If you want to know where potential buyers are then I can tell you that they are on Social Media. It is imperative that your home has an aggressive social media presence and that it is getting in front of all of these potential buyers. I plan on posting your home across all of these social media sites and more so that your home has the best chance of being seen by the buyer that will offer you a great offer and cherish your home for years to come.

Video Marketing

Without a doubt, the most staggering statistic from 2016 is that they found that real estate listings with video received 403% more inquiries than those that did not have a video. That is a huge percentage! There are different types of videos that are available too including a virtual tour, a photo slideshow with music accompaniment, a drone video, a custom walkthrough video where the agent talks about the home and a 3D walkthrough of the home to name a few. I take the time to research which videos are getting the best return on which properties so that when I sit down to do your marketing you know that your home is going to have the best video marketing available.

Old Fashion Print Isn’t Outdated!

It’s kind of funny because for a while there print marketing had been completely outdated and now it has its place in the marketing world once again. Custom Property flyers that accent the home's beauty with properly edited images and elegant type can highlight the best features in your home creating very effective marketing. We also include your property on a just listed postcard sent out to everyone in your neighborhood.

Just In Case Marketing

I like to do what I call the just in case marketing which is everything that was and everything that could be. This includes marketing on platforms such as LinkedIn and Craigslist just in case there are buyers still there that we wouldn’t want to miss just because they are a little behind the times in the social world. It also means marketing on the sites that show potential to take off soon just in case there are potential buyers that are early adopters that have already moved on to the latest technology before it has really taken off yet.

Real Estate Sites

Your home will be listed on the MLS locally and placed on a broker tour to make sure that all of the agents in the area know that there is a new listing. The reason for this is so that they can begin to think about which of their buyers is looking for a property similar to yours increasing your chance of getting an offer. Also, your home will be listed on,,, and of course as well. Anyone searching real estate online will have a hard time avoiding seeing your home by the time we are through!
If you have any additional questions about how I plan on marketing your home or if you are ready to sell and you want to know what the next step is giving me a call or fill out the contact sheet on my blog here.

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Rick's approach with clients is to take a consultant role rather than a sales role. You will know which house is right for you, at the right time for you, and at the right price. He will give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision and share his experience with you to guide you through the process of buying or selling your home. Rick has helped more people buy and sell homes in Marin and Sonoma Counties than 90% of agents.
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