Selling A Home With Pets And Kids

When you are selling your home it can be a very busy time, after all, you have to figure out disclosures, pack up your home and your memories, continue to go to work, be a parent and so on. If you have pets or children this can make things harder because they are going to need to be moved as well. Here are some helpful tips for you to consider to help make selling a home with pets and kids easier.

Wrap Them In Security

Animals and children both tend to get uneasy when a major change such as a move to a new home begins. To make the transition easier make sure that that has a familiar security object that they can cling to for comfort. For a child, this could be a favorite stuffed animal that will not be packed away at all but rather carried out in your child’s arms or a blanket/article of clothing they will wrap up on moving day. For a pet maybe it is a bed that also wouldn’t be packed away or a toy. No matter what the security object is it needs to hold value to the pet or child and it needs to be something that they can take with them to the new home that was with them in the old home thus building an emotional bridge for them to travel across.

Stay Organized No Matter What

You can help eliminate any undue stress on your children and furry family members by making sure that you stay organized. This includes letting your real estate agent know that you want to know about showings in advance so that you can take your kids and possibly your pets too and go out for a bit. If you have a family dog then perhaps you should consider listing in the spring or summer when you can take your kids and your dog to a local park for an hour while the potential buyers take a look. By knowing about showings beforehand you can help your children tidy up their rooms and clean out any bird/hamster/reptile cages or change out the litter box before the showing. Also, try to keep a show-bag ready with things to do, snacks, diapers, formula, books, a change of clothes and water bottles for your kids and water dishes, extra leashes and treats if you have a dog. That way you can grab it quickly on your way outgoing making showings go more smoothly.

Be Honest and Get Them Involved

Children have a tenancy to dig and dig until they find the truth and they often understand more than they are given credit for. Don’t try to hide the fact that you are selling the home or pretend like everything is the same and then dump a major life change on them. This will cause them to feel betrayed that you did not trust them. Instead, let them know what is going on and get them involved by letting them help you decide what needs to be packed up and also in cleaning and organizing their books and toys. Get your kids to involve your pets by having them organize the dog toys into the ones the dog plays with all the time and the lesser-used ones then just leave the dogs favorite toys out and pack the rest to move. If you have an animal in a cage make it your child’s moving duty to help you make sure that the animal is well cared for with food and water and a clean cage before showings. Allow them to feel like they are part of this process with you.

Share The Love. But That’s All!

No matter what the reason is for moving; a new job, downsizing financially, expanding into a bigger home, etc it is important that you and your children see this as an adventure. Something exciting to look forward too. Sometimes moving is scary and fear is a powerful emotion. It will wind its way through your family's subconscious causing irritation and angry outbursts. To prevent this try to maintain a positive attitude and allow your kids to help you plan out where you think everything should go in your new place. Dream with them about how it’s going to be in your new home until you are all so full of anticipation and excitement that you can hardly wait.

Make sure that your kids and your pets know that they are loved through this process and that everything is going to be okay. This will eliminate any additional stressful situations and help you coast through the move with ease.

If you are interested in more information on how to list your home and how to help make the moving process easier call me anytime.


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